Article de Challenges sur la suite de Mia

Publié le 8 Décembre 2016

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Max 08/12/2016 20:36

Madame royal avait raison d'y croire : elle était vraiment en avance . Vive La Mia !

realDonald 08/12/2016 21:37

max you are so naive. Royal was only interested in buying votes which she did brilliantly.
3000 heuliez people; A factory she mentioned and workers she left. Boos was the perfect scapegoat for ROYAL and KOHL. If I had to bet my money on it I would bet on Boos and the damages she will ask

realDonald 08/12/2016 19:43

let s face it. The google translator is not a genius but it puts the dots on thte i. So what is MIA about: some woman who wanted like #crookedhillary to buy votes. And she did in the area where Francois Mitterand granted her 10 Mio. and then Royal found some idiotic union president from Heuliez tried to save a whopping amount of workers and stiff it to some stupid generation '68 German who like an idiot paid 120 Mio Euros. This is hysterical

realDonald 08/12/2016 19:45

in segue
this is a perfect case why NO ONE in his/her right mind should invest in France: NEPOTISM/ CORRUPTION/ ... Royal just bought herself a whole region's votes with taxpayers money

exMIA 08/12/2016 19:11

charcuterie=les proteines =super pour la santé

Claude 08/12/2016 19:05

Michelle boos serait aussi derrière la charcuterie alsacienne rue de vaugirard à paris .

MarcF 08/12/2016 18:45

génial. donc ca veut dire que ca reprend et la MIA se vendra à nouveau???